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About Synergy Biotechnologies

Past, Present and Future

SYNERGY BIOTECHNOLOGIES” had its genesis in the year 2002 with an intention to create awareness of sustainable and responsible aquaculture among the aquaculture farming community. It is led by its Managing Partner Dr. Narayana Swamy Allada, a PhD in Aquaculture. He had started his career in this industry as a Technical Manager in Pfizer food science, USA. He has been ably supported by Mr. Nand Kumar Lathker who shoulders the responsibility of Marketing the products all over the aquaculture areas and Mr. G. V. Babu Rao takes care of the administrative affairs. The company has resident Regional Managers, Area Managers (Sales & Technical) spread out in all the aquaculture areas supported by senior staff who have many years of field experience. A strong administration and production team consisting of senior manager and other staff takes care of the day to day operations. A well established network of Distributors and Dealers exists that can take care of the farmers need at any given point of time and place.

Aquaculture is currently the fastest growing food producing sector in the world. It is highly diverse and the sector consists of many species, systems, practices, people, environments, and operations. The management of disease is the major impediment to a sustainable industry. Enlightened and innovative management strategies, culture practices complemented by the use of few essential tools in form of quality feed additives will play important role in bringing about sustainability. Its closely associated and draws technical experience, expertise from global companies like DPI Global - USA, American Biosystems - USA,  RMC International - Germany, B V Beheer - Netherlands, Aleris - Brazil who invest substantial amounts in Research and Development.


SYNERGY BIOTECHNOLOGIES rededicates itself to ensure sustainability and responsible aquaculture on the long run through promotion of its unique and natural solutions for the problems in aquaculture




                                                                WE CARE BECAUSE WE ARE AWARE!!

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Synergy Biotechnologies factory
Synergy Biotechnologies factory
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