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A unique and effective sanitizer that helps to reduce RMS

SANOMAX is an environmental friendly product for reduction/elimination of organic and bacteriological pollution. The long lasting and preserving effect of SANOMAX is caused by the carrier. It protects the product against infection and re-infection. It destroys bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae and prevents slime and slime build up. Can effectively treat Brown gills The disinfectant is not an antibiotic, therefore bacteria cannot become resistant to SANOMAX.

COMPOSITION: The active ingredient is atomic Oxygen (O3) whereas the carrier prevents rapid dissolution of the Oxygen. Atomic oxygen is responsible for burning/oxidizing micro-organisms.

DOSAGE: 2 kg per acre once in 10 days.

PACKING: 1 kg packs in plastic jar

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Not for Human Use

For Aquaculture Use only

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