SAVIOUR-AQ is a scientific blend of phytonutrients that has been developed to mitigate the EMS and RMS problems in aquaculture operations. The synergistic blend of the phytonutrients enhance the innate immunity of the shrimp thereby giving it a better chance to survive and grow.

COMPOSITION: MOS, Betaglucans, Bioflavonoids, functional fibres and osmoregulators. The synergistic blend of the phytocomponents prevents pathogenic colonization, produce cytokines in presence of phagocytic cells and induce immune responses, provide antibacterial and antifungal activity and act as cell membrane stabilizers.

DOSAGE: 10Gms/ Kg feed.  Mix required quantity of SAVIOU-AQ with a suitable binder and topdress the feed , shade dry for few minutes and broadcast into the pond. Its advisable to start the usage of the product from 15 – 18th day post stocking and continue in single meal throughout the culture period.


Not for Human Use

For Aquaculture Use only


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