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Organic Growth Promoter

BIOGEL-drip is sea weed extract in gel form and fortified with bioconverters which form the innoculum in the soil. The Non GM, native microbial consortium is composed of both aerobic and anaerobic beneficial bacteria such as Photosynthetic bacteria, Nitrogen fixing bacteria and phosphate solubilizers. It is also enriched with nitrogen fixing micro alga such as Chrococcus turgidus. The microbes present in BIOGEL-drip multiply and enrich the soil leading to healthy plants and better harvests.

These microorganisms coexist in the soil and under favourable pH of 6.5 - 8.5 after dilution they multiply and enrich the soil. BIOGEL is completely water soluble hence it can be used as a spray on the soil or mix with irrigation water to enrich the soil. regular usage of the products ensures healthy plants and better harvests.

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